Your brand and the campfire

Framing your story is important. We don't often consider that without the frame the story is just another part of the world. Add a frame and it becomes something more, something distinguishable from the noise and clutter of everything around. 

Have you given any thought to this? What are the frames that you employ when telling your brand's story? What are the boundaries of what you are sharing? It's important to bring focus to the idea that you want to get across.

A great story is inviting, it involves conflict, brings about emotion, and brings the audience into the mind of the characters involved. Your brand has a story. And It's time that you define that story. It's time that you frame it and invite the world into it.

1.) What is your story? 

How do you see your brand's story? Sit down and write it out. Write it from your perspective. Leave out no details.

2.) What are the boundaries?

What are the boundaries that you want to put in place to block out the clutter? This is where you go back to your story that you have written and begin to take out unnecessary details. Often times at this point someone may reach out to myself or another marketing professional for a consultation to maybe better define the boundaries of their story. An extra set of eyes viewing the story can be helpful.

3.) Reframe the story.

Now, "reframe" the story. Bring the details into focus and write it out one last time. This time with the audience in mind.

4.) How are you going to tell the story?

Now is the fun part, you get to share your refined story with the world. You now have a clearly defined and engaging story and it's time for you to determine the best way to share it. Obviously I'm going to suggest emailing and asking for our help ;) but really this is all up to you! 

Do you use social media, paid search, broadcast, print... if you do use social media what outlet do you choose? What search terms do you use? What broadcast outlets do you use? The list goes on and on! The sky is the limit, but in the end, you have a story that you get to share with the world. 

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