Wait... you can find the perfect customer on social media?

For businesses, social media is the ultimate way to reach your existing, potential and never before thought of customers with a direct response ad.

We hear it all the time, “We’ve done a lot on social media but never see a return. I just don’t think it’s worth my time.” Well, I have a couple of points to address with that statement.

  1. Organic Social is dying for businesses. If you have given up on social media because you’ve invested countless hours in creating beautiful and meaningful posts but seen 0 return, you are not alone. And let’s be honest, after time invested it’s much worse than 0 return it is almost guaranteed to be a negative return.

  2. If you have attempted to run paid ads you probably feel like you’ve wasted money. And to be honest you probably have. Facebook makes it so easy to run ads that anybody can do it and anybody can feel like they know what they are doing. Just because you can do it, doesn’t mean that you should. The fastest way to blow through an ad budget with social media ads is by guessing your way through all of the targeting.

“So, social media ads suck? Why should I even bother?”

They don’t suck at all! They are AMAZING! But you have to know what you are doing.

Top 3 types of ads that we recommend right now on Facebook and Instagram:

1) Retargeting Ads-

These are super simple to set up! These ads run only to people that have been to your site. You can dig in even more and have dynamic ads run content that the user has viewed. The options are limitless and can be as fine-tuned and granular as you would like. We are seeing AMAZING return on ad spend on this type of ad. Literally, some campaigns are over 20X return.

2) Look-Alike Audience-

A lookalike audience is an audience created from audience data. The data is used to find the people that closest match your data source. There are so many data sets that you can utilized to build these audiences; website traffic, specific conversions, add to carts… the list goes on and on. But my favorite is importing a list of previous customers, especially if that list is large. The more data that you have the more accurate the audience match is going to be. This is a great way to reach new audience and grow your customer base.

3) Instagram Engagement-

I was skeptical of this when I first tried it. This is a simple audience built from anyone that has just engaged with your Instagram account in any way possible. Often times these people have never visited your website and are new customers! This audience is performing great and has become a standard in our arsenal. They perform even better if you have a niche audience.

All 3 of these strategies can be implemented by you with proper know-how. If you want to learn more or would be interested in a training let’s hop on a call and discuss or if you feel time-constrained and would like a fully managed solution Hey! Digi may be that solution.

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